Video animation
Projection at embroidered canvas

Duration 2:34, voice Eugenia Maragou

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"...The knight and the princess went out for a walk in the palace court. They discuss as they walk. All of a sudden, they are interrupted by the the princess's little sister along with the cook's son who play as the pass by. Right behind them, a little dog follows. When they all leave, they continue their discussion. Right after that, the princess's cousine comes along. She starts talking to her about the tonight's festivities. After a little while, the king appears. The queen follows, who is about to make arrangements with her niece for the last details. The niece agrees and takes her leave. The king approaches the knight and makes arrangements for the night. The queen, along with the princess goes to prepare themselves. The evil one appears. The princess is momentarily stunned but walks away. The evil one wants to ask the knight to accompany her tonight but she would rather not say anything in front of the king. However, the messenger appears. He bears a message for the king and both of them take their leave. The knight, feeling uneasy, is trying to understand what happened to his king. The latest informs him and calls for him to solve the matter that occurred. The evil one remains sole in the court yard. She feels frustrated for not being able to tell the knight what she wanted. She is about to cry, but she is evil and thus we don't care. The nice cook appears and comforts her, calling her to drink her tea. The little dog makes a last round around the empty palace courtyard. This and even more happened in my grandmother's bathroom and that's why I was always late."