Interactive Sound Sculpture
Real-time 4-channels diffusion controlled by light emission

Clay – Arduino – Photocells – Processing – Super Collider

The main concept was to combine an ancient material, clay, with new technologies in order to create a novel contemporary ceramic sonic instrument . Therefore an interactive ceramic was created  which contains  photocells [light sensors] and which could be categorized as a new class of music instruments that interact with light: The photophones.

The shape of the sculpture is organic, resembling  a molecule, a core and also refers to the shape of some seashells. It consists of two main volumes. The external mass and the internal sphere. The outer shell, “the skin” is constructed by small spherical volumes, representing defence and protection. The inner part of the skin, contains a big sphere with an opening, through which the inner texture is visible.

The user can interact with the ceramic by touching the photocells or by illuminating them with a flashlight. The photocells perceive the intensity of the light remoting the volume of each audio channel (one channel per light sensor). The user can create this way a real time sound synthesis. The four speakers surrounding the user are giving the sense of the movement of the sound resulting an interesting soundscape.

This project aims to  make an allusion to tactility in art, and especially in ceramic art where the works are extremely fragile. The user has the chance to touch and play with the ceramic, without the fear of destroying it. The sculpture will interact back making the user able to experience the soundscape surrounding him.






























































photophone image 04

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In ancient Greece, music was very important at every part of the manifestation and activities of life. Neolithic ceramic figurines – systrums were found many times at children's graves and usually they had a shape of a pig because that animal was believed to protect the babies. Except from toys music objects were viewed as magic objects which with their sound could protect from the evil. From the museum showcases up to todays' shops, people always love to look , listen and even more to play with these instruments. Sound objects are part and parcel from ancient times till nowadays.

The project has been created under the European Master
“Art, Virtual Reality and Multi-user Systems of Artistic Expression”
Athens School of Fine Arts & University Paris 8

Coordinator of the Master:
Manthos Santorineos

Coordinators of the Project:
Taxiarchis Diamantopoulos
Voula Zoi
Tassos Kannelos
Anna Laskari

Argyro Papathanasiou
Ifigeneia Mavridou
Christina Chrysanthopoulou
Grigoris Mastoras
Anna Meli

Athens 2014













Photophono Project #01